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By removing the traffic roadblocks to your website and increasing your traffic, we turn your website into a finely tuned lead-generating machine.

Citation Audit
Perform a thorough analysis of your citations across the web to ensure consistentcy.
Research Keywords
Determine which keywords in your industry will achieve in the best organizational results.
Perform Site Checkup
Analyze and remove all the small factors on your site that hurt your rankings. We will do this for you now for free.
TouchFact's process for getting you more customers
Analyze Your Competition
Find out what keywords your top online competitors are using and how you can use it to your advantage.
Identify Magnetic Content
Research what topics in related interests are getting linked and shared on the web.
Build Backlinks
Still one of the most reliable indicators of how good your site's content is. We get it for you.

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Unfortunately, the best companies are not always the ones at the top of the rankings. It makes sense, though, doesn't it? You put your effort into making sure your work is the best. You do not have time to constantly research Google's most recent ranking factors.

TouchFact becomes your own digital marketing team. If you want more customers from the web, we can help you.

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